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75 Points
Strategy cup
Data analytics (DA) is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organization to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories. Data Analytics is such a industry where demand is very high but supply is low.

Neeraj Bhukania   9093568431

Abhishek Niranjan   8513902048


100 Points
Innovation cup

The idea has to be a product. It has to have a physical plan. Neither business plan nor software will be treated as an entry for product design. In this event only softcopy presentation is needed, models are not required like in hardware exhibition. Any pre existing product is not allowed but you can modify them to get some new product. LBS Hall won Silver in the 2015-16 event.

Surepeddi Anjan   7679232848

Deepanshu Kaurav   9933891184


100 Points
Innovation cup
The goal is to make and demonstrate a working model of any kind. It can be a robot, or a machine, or some mechanical model which is used in agricultural fields, aerospace, biotechnology, chemical plants, workshops, mines, etc.
You can search for I-Bike and Smart Steer on google . These models were made by LBS Hall and won Gold in 2 consecutive years 2014 and 2015.

Adarsh Kumar Kosta   9800117520

Dhananjay Yadav   8513902269

Hrishyank Shetty   7076607323


75 Points
Innovation cup
We get a product decided by the judges for all the halls and all are supposed to prepare an AD campaign for it. This includes Name of the product, LOGO, USP, tagline, Print Ad, Video Ad, Billboard/Banner. This event will see your creativity, thinking capabilities.

Dilip Pitchika   8101097640

Hrishikesh Danawe   8145756854


75 Points
Knowledge cup
For quiz you need to keep yourself update of the happenings around. Through news papers and magazines you get a good bit of knowledge. Also, there exists google and yahoo quiz groups. Join these groups and you will be getting regular questions, which will give you a nice practice. There are few Papers available on DC which can give you few practice. Many Blogs have come up which are updated on a regular basis.

Rajdeep Sarkar   8981035230


75 Points
Knowledge cup
Some of you might have participated in Mathematics Olympiad during school days and some had an interest but didn’t get an opportunity to participate in any. In L.B.S. Hall we provide you with this opportunity. The level is just like RMO. The syllabus is Pre-College Mathematics which includes topics of Algebra, Geometry, Inequalities, and Number Systems etc. There is a huge resource on the net, with these Olympiad papers.

Ayan Biswas   9432493394

Sankalp Apharande   7797995380


75 Points
Application cup
The focus is on your analyzing and understanding abilities in the Case Study event. The name says it all, we are given a case (a business case not a detective case :) ) which is practical and all details are included in it and you just have to use the data and your skills to analyze few trends and suggest improvements or work then work on the technical aspect of it but if it exists you may try to modify that product, which will be your innovation . LBS Hall won Gold in the 2015-16 event.

Manik Aggarwal   7586812898

Nishant Jayaswal   9930887705


100 Points
Application cup
Get a chance to write the source code for the best problems once you design the most innovative solution for it. This should be a huge attraction for all the programming freaks out there to test your algorithmic and programming skills to solve a real world problem. In this event a problem statement is given and duration of 20 days is given to solve that. All people who have logical thinking and reasoning ability and sound programming knowledge can contribute in a great way to this event.

Naresh Ramesh   7872833729

Abhinav Jain   7872835053

Shrey Garg   9800188389


75 Points
Application cup
We are given a practical problem related to chemical/biology/biotechnology and we have to suggest a proper mechanism to solve the problem. It involves everything from process design, plant design, and cost analysis. In this event the solution has to be submitted within 72 hours.LBS Hall won Gold in the 2015-16 event.
Mervyn Periera   7872846821

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